Corporate Celebrations

Wellington Barn is a corporate-party venue located in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We have experience in hosting corporate parties for national companies and have held themed party celebrations, and Christmas parties for businesses.

Why Choose Wellington Barn? Businesses choose Wellington Barn for many reasons, for example: the idyllic setting, fantastic facilities, flexible dining options, and the convenient location. Wellington Barn is well situated for businesses looking to meet between Bristol and London, or Oxford and Southampton.

Whether you are seeking to celebrate successful sales, entertain potential or existing customers, or reward your supply chain or distribution network, we can help. Regardless of whether you are looking to hold a themed party, or simply to dine and celebrate, Wellington Barn provides the ideal venue.

We have experience in managing events, and we are also able to work closely with independent event management companies to ensure that your party is a success.

Dining and Entertainment

Working with our specially selected catering partners, we are able to offer a wide choice of menus to suit all tastes and requirements. The range of menus that we are able to offer is a unique feature that serves to make Wellington Barn a success.

We can work with your chosen event management company, or alternatively,through our network of chosen suppliers, we can offer all sorts of entertainment from music to fireworks.

Photo credit: Planet Pursuits

Photo credit: Planet Pursuits